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Rank (PPP) 7

GPA and Rank Distribution
Pending Rejected Offered Declined Revoked Accepted Withdrawn Total
Average GPA 3.7 N/A N/A 3.4 N/A N/A N/A 3.55
Average Rank Top 10 % N/A N/A Top 27 % N/A N/A N/A Top 21 %

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OCI was very straightforward. I had the grades, so the interviewer basically said I was a shoo-in for a callback, and that I could email him if I had any questions once I got my list of interviewers fo ... Very "work-hard/play-hard." Everyone is 100% on top of their shit. For every research assignment, you need to have every case be in the jurisdiction in which they are litigating, otherwise it doesn't ... Most of the assignments I took were essentially research assignments. To be sure, Partners went out of their way to give me briefs to make sure I got feedback on my writing. And associates gave me re

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