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Normal interviews. They do check references (as everyone knows).

General reputation as a less social, more quiet, polite place seems about right to me, reading between the lines. It's of course very hard to tell during the summer, and there were plenty of fun associates to hang out with.

Very structured. You'll get the work you want, if you just ask. Plenty of time to finish everything.

$8k bar stipend ($4k when you accept, $4k when you come back). No extra bonus for a second clerkship.

Bonuses seem to be black box in D.C., and below N.Y.C. market. This seems pretty common in D.C. though, and considering that regulatory work is so much less profitable (and generally seems to have better hours), it seems like a pretty reasonable policy to me. Note also that I didn't do anything to the ratings because it feels way to early to rate any of this stuff. I'll tell you when I'm an associate.


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