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Positive. Softball questions. 2-3 years experience preferred since they are lean on attorney and do not want to train one.

Informal and lean on staff and attorneys, so its usually fast-paced but easily subject to economic health of its clients.

Meaningful to some extent with direct client contact. But you have multiple representation in employment immigration, which can be tricky between the employee-client and employer-client. There is too much for attorneys and there are no billable hours, only billable projects, in many of the firm offices. This results in overloading attorneys to take on as many projects as possible and tasking them with admin tasks as well, so that non-salary employees don't have to work overtime and incur that cost to the firm.

401k is not guaranteed match every year. The firm announces at the end of the year whether they will match the year's previous contributions, so it's a crap-shoot with match. Health care and vacation policy is good. Parental leave policy is great. Salary is so-so considering you have corporate clients and work corporate hours, but are not getting paid a big law salary.


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